Custom Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturing

AT-Machining’s 20 years of heat sink machining experience ensures high efficiency, precision, cost-effectiveness, and fast delivery, meeting all requirements.

Save 30% Cost on average!

Types of Aluminum Heatsink We Manufacturing

Manufacture aluminum heat sinks of various types and provide one-stop aluminum radiator solutions.

flat plate heat sinks

Flat Plate Heat Sinks

pin fin heat sinks

Pin Fin Heat Sinks

flanged heat sinks

Flanged Heat Sinks

star heat sinks

Star Heat Sinks

cross cut heat sinks

Cross-Cut Heat Sinks

zipper fin heat sinks

Zipper Fin Heat Sinks

wave fin heat sinks

Wave Fin Heat Sinks

AT-Machining offers manufacturing services in heat sink by CNC machining services, special custom designs, optimized thermal dissipation performance, and high quality and quality assurance of manufacturing services to attain efficient flow of heat.

Custom Aluminum Heat Sinks

Our talented team of engineers and assemblers maximizes accuracy and significantly reduces production time. Control over all processes, from selecting the ideal raw materials and alloys, to world-class fabrication, finishing and assembly, to custom packaging of the finished product, allows AT-Machining to provide you with cost-effective, high-quality aluminum radiators.

aluminum heat sink

Main Typss of Manufacturing Aluminum Heat Sink

AT  team delivers cost-effective solutions tailored to your volume and process needs, ensuring quality and saving you money.



Aluminum is pushed through a die to form long, consistent profiles. Cost-effective, excellent thermal performance, ideal for high-volume production in electronics and automotive industries.

aluminum die casting

Die Casting

Molten aluminum is injected into molds under high pressure. Suitable for complex shapes, high production rates, good surface finish, and dimensional accuracy, used in automotive and consumer electronics.

heatsink cnc machining

CNC Machining

Precision machining of aluminum blocks for detailed, customized designs. High precision, flexible design, suitable for low to medium volume production in electronics, medical devices, and aerospace.

Aluminum Heat Sink Supporting Services

aluminum heatsink prototype

how we test aluminum heat sink Thermal efficiency

To test an aluminum heat sink’s thermal efficiency, attach it to a heat source and use thermocouples to measure temperatures at key points. Monitor ambient conditions and record the temperature drop across the heat sink. Analyze the data to determine heat dissipation and thermal resistance, ensuring it effectively cools the device under the specified conditions.

thermal efficiency

ISO 9001:2015 Certified Factory

Our company’s quality management system can easily pass the QMS conventions of the aluminum business and has been put into construction and more enhancement annually.
Every product undergoes testing during production throughout the production process as a matter of internal quality control and industry standard as well as extra testing and quality control to meet the customer’s requirement.
You can be sure that you tell me how I can help you, and I shall fulfill your high quality product!

iso 90012015 certified factory

FAQs about Aluminum Heat Sink Manufacturing

Aluminum has excellent thermal conductivity. Aluminum’s thermal conductivity is second only to silver, copper, and gold, and is lightweight, low cost, and easy to manufacture, making it an ideal material for radiators.

Common processes include extrusion, die casting, CNC machining and forging, each offering different advantages depending on the design and application. Extrusion, for example, allows for complex cross-sectional shapes, die casting is the most cost-effective for high-volume production, and CNC machining offers the highest level of accuracy for prototypes and high-precision applications.

Thermal performance is typically measured by thermal resistance, which indicates how effectively the heat sink dissipates heat from the source.

Yes, aluminum heat sinks can be tailored in size, shape and fin design to meet specific thermal management requirements. Please upload your design and we’ll deliver a good one!

Common surface finishing for aluminum heat sinks include anodizing, powder coating, and chromate conversion coatings that enhance corrosion resistance and thermal performance.

Quality is ensured through rigorous testing, including thermal performance tests, dimensional inspections, and material quality checks to meet industry standards.