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With 15 years of Swiss CNC machining experience. AT-Machining can deliver your custom swiss parts to build your brand and grow your profits.

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Expert Swiss cNC Machining Services From China

Are you looking for a reliable, quick-turn supplier of CNC Swiss parts?

AT-Machining offers high-precision CNC Swiss Machining services to customers in various industries, including aerospace, consumer products, automotive, medical, electronic, sports, and other industrial clients.

From prototyping to full production runs. Our wide range of Swiss CNC machines and CNC lathes and turning centers will allow you to produce high-precision, high-quality parts to meet even your most stringent requirements.

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What is swiss machining

Swiss Machining is a manufacturing technique of computer-controlled swiss lathes that are used to produce small, precise parts. The name “Swiss” comes from the fact that these machines were originally developed in Switzerland. Unlike a traditional CNC lathe, which has a single cutting tool, a Swiss CNC lathe has a multi-axis turret that allows for the use of multiple cutting tools. This makes Swiss CNC machines ideal for machining complex parts with tight tolerances. In addition, Swiss CNC machines can run at high speeds, making them ideal for high-volume production. Swiss CNC machines are an essential part of any modern manufacturing operation.

What is the benefit of Swiss Machining

Swiss Machining is a process that has many benefits. It is precise, efficient, and versatile. These benefits make it an ideal choice for manufacturing high-quality parts. 

Extremely Tight Tolerances

you benefit from the impressive precision of Swiss CNC machining, which ensures that their parts fit and function as intended. This high level of accuracy reduces the risk of assembly issues or product failure, which can lead to costly redesigns or recalls.

Higher-quality surface finishes

Swiss CNC machines can achieve excellent surface finishes, which is crucial for customers in industries requiring high-quality aesthetics or parts with minimal friction. These superior finishes can improve product performance and appearance, making them more competitive in the market.

More Complex Parts

Swiss CNC machining enables customers to create intricate designs and complex geometries, unlocking innovative product possibilities. This allows for the development of advanced and competitive products, without being limited by manufacturing constraints.

Fast production times

You will experience shorter lead times with Swiss CNC machining, thanks to its efficient design and reduced setup times. This enables them to bring products to market faster and respond quickly to market demands or change your needs.

Consistent quality

Swiss CNC machining is known for its consistency and repeatability, which means You can expect high-quality parts with minimal variation. This is particularly important for industries with stringent quality control requirements, such as aerospace, medical, and automotive.


Reduced material waste

With Swiss CNC machining, You benefit from lower material costs and more sustainable manufacturing practices due to the process's minimal waste. This not only saves money but also supports environmentally responsible production.


Swiss CNC machining offers scalability for both low-volume prototyping and high-volume production runs. This flexibility allows customers to develop and test designs without committing to high production volumes, reducing risks and costs associated with product development.

Integrated finishing processes

Many Swiss CNC machines can perform additional operations, such as drilling, tapping, and milling, in a single setup. This integration reduces the need for additional manufacturing processes, resulting in lower costs and shorter lead times for customers.

Transform Your Ideas into High-Quality Components with Our Swiss CNC Machining Services

comparison between Swiss-type Turning and Conventional CNC Turning

Analyzing Key Differences: Swiss-type Turning vs. Conventional CNC Turning

Comparison Aspect Swiss-type Turning Conventional CNC Turning
Precision & Accuracy High precision & tight tol. Good precision & tol.
Complexity Ideal for complex parts Better for simpler parts
Material Waste Minimal waste Potential for more waste
Setup Time Faster setup times Longer setup times
Tooling Multiple tools simultaneously Single-tool operation
Workpiece Size Limited to smaller diameters Larger diameters possible
Part Holding Guide bushing support Chuck holding
Secondary Ops. Integrated operations Additional setups/machines

Materials We Work With Swiss CNC Machining

No matter whether plastic or metal, at AT Machining, You Can Choose Freely For Your Unique Request.

Swiss Machining Metal

AT offers a wide variety of materials for precision swiss machining,  metal including but not limited to:

Aluminum Brass Stainless Steel
Steel Copper Titanium
Cast Iron Tool Steel Bronze
swiss machining metal 副本
cnc swiss services plastic

Swiss Machining Plastic

AT offers a wide variety of materials for custom swiss machining,  plastic including but not limited to:

POM Nylon PTFE (Teflon)
PEEK ABS Polycarbonate
PVC Ultem PMMA (Acrylic)

Swiss CNC Machining Application

Exploring Diverse Industries and Use Cases for Swiss CNC Machining

Part Name Application Industry Material Finishing
bone screw Bone Screw Orthopedic fixation Medical Titanium Passivation
fuel injector nozzle Fuel Injector Nozzle Precision fuel delivery Automotive Brass Electroless Nickel Plating
titanium alloy dental implant Dental Implant Tooth replacement Medical Titanium Alloy Surface Texturing
aerospace fastener Aerospace Fastener Structural assembly Aerospace Inconel Alloy Anodizing
ceramic optical fiber ferrule Optical Fiber Ferrule Optical fiber alignment Telecommunications Zirconia Ceramic Polishing
stainless steel precision spindle Precision Spindle High-speed rotation in machinery Industrial Stainless Steel Hard Chrome Plating

Gallery of Our CNC Swiss Machined parts

We machine rapid prototypes and low & large-volume production orders for customers in multiple industries: medical devices, aerospace, automotive, defense, electronics, hardware startups, industrial automation, machinery, marine and robotics, and many more.

Why Choose Us For Swiss Machining Services

Reduce Cost

AT-Machining provides efficient Swiss CNC machining, prioritizing quality and affordability. With cutting-edge equipment and lean methods, our precision services save you 40%-60% on costs while ensuring reliability.

Tight Tolerances

AT-Machining specializes in Swiss CNC machining, delivering precision through advanced equipment, skilled staff, and strict quality control. Rely on us for accurate components and dedication to quality.

Fast Turnaround Time

We understand the importance of meeting your deadlines, so we provide fast turnaround times for Swiss machining services with short lead times and quick revisions if needed.

24/7 Engineering Support

Our engineers are available 24/7 to answer any questions about the Swiss Machining projects and provide technical support. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your project is completed on time and within budget.

What Our Customers Say About Us

I decided to work with AT-Machining for our Swiss CNC machining needs. I had heard great things about their precision and quality in terms of machined parts, so we thought it would be a good fit for us. We have been more than happy with the results! The parts they produced were exactly to specification and arrived on time. Their customer service was also top-notch, they were able to answer all our questions and help us with the design process. We would highly recommend AT-Machining for precision CNC machining services!

john smith
John Smith

CEO of ABC Manufacturing Co.

The team at AT-Machining did an outstanding job on our Swiss CNC machining project. They worked closely with us to ensure we received the exact parts that we needed, delivered quickly and within budget every time! Their machines are state-of-the-art and their staff is knowledgeable and friendly. We will definitely use AT-Machining again for all of our future machining needs.

jane doe
Jane Doe

VP of XYZ Industries

We recently had the pleasure of working with AT-Machining for some parts that needed high-precision CNC Swiss machining. We were amazed at the quality of work and attention to detail that AT-Machining provided throughout the entire process. They delivered our parts exactly on time, and we couldn't be happier with the results! We would highly recommend them for all your precision CNC machining needs.

jack jones
Jack Jones

Project Manager at DEF Corporation

Our experience with AT-Machining's precision CNC Swiss machining services was outstanding! The parts they made were of the highest quality and met our exact specifications. Their customer service was also top-notch, they were very responsive and accommodating to all our needs. We highly recommend AT-Machining for its precision CNC machining services.

maria lopez
Maria Lopez

Director of Operations at GHI Group

Swiss CNC Machining FAQ

Swiss CNC machines can work with a wide range of materials, such as metals (stainless steel, aluminum, brass, titanium, and alloys), plastics, and even ceramics.

Swiss CNC machines utilize a guide bushing that supports the workpiece close to the cutting tool, reducing deflection and vibration. This, combined with the sliding headstock design, enables extremely accurate and consistent machining.

Swiss CNC machining is generally limited to smaller-diameter workpieces (up to ~42 mm), and may not be the best choice for very large or simple parts. Additionally, the initial investment in Swiss CNC machines can be higher compared to conventional CNC machines.

Yes, Swiss CNC machines can create internal threads using specialized cutting tools like taps or thread mills, ensuring precise and accurate thread profiles.

Swiss CNC machines often have multiple tooling stations and can perform simultaneous machining operations, which reduces the need for tool changes and multiple setups, resulting in shorter setup times.

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