Precision Medical Devices Machining Services

AT-Machining’s 20-year history provides extensive medical device machining expertise. We meet industry standards with high efficiency, precision, cost-effectiveness, and fast delivery.

Save 30% Cost on average!

Precision and Quality

Due to the critical nature of medical devices, the medical industry requires parts with very high precision and unwavering quality. Any deviation can lead to product failure and risk to patient safety.

AT-Machining double-checks drawings and machining details at every process step, from prototype to low-volume to high-volume production. In the prototype stage, the customer will often optimize the drawings continuously, and ignoring these details is unforgivable for our company’s management. Ensure the customer receives a standardized part that meets their needs every time.

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At AT-Machining, equipping ourselves with a competency detail in medical device precision machining is our strength. This gives us a lead in fabricating quality and accuracy. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about our tailor-made solution that we can fit your need perfectly and you are more than welcome to work with us as we regard cooperation as our success criteria.

Material Compliance

Ensuring materials meet regulatory standards such as biocompatibility and sterilization compatibility is crucial.
Materials are required to meet FDA, ISO, and other relevant medical standards for many medical device parts.

AT-Machining has a channel of domestic material suppliers that meet safety standards. For specialized materials, we also import raw materials from Europe and the United States to meet our customers’ product requirements and provide material certification reports to ensure that the parts we produce are free of material issues.

Our customers can place their medical products on the market with complete confidence and without any complaints.

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Complex Designs for Medical Devices

Our customers’ medical components require meticulous precision and their complex designs are often beyond the capabilities of 3-axis CNC machines. Our facility has 3-, 4- and 5-axis CNC machines to meet our customers’ diverse product specifications. We are skilled in adaptive machining strategies to reduce production costs while machining complex geometries.

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5-Axis CNC Machining

5-axis CNC machining enhances complex medical device production with superior precision, reduced setup times, and cost-effective multi-angle processing.

cnc machined medical part with complex geometries

Medical Part with Complex Geometries

CNC Machined Titanium Medical hip implant

Lead Times

Medical companies often need fast turnaround times to respond to market demand or innovation requirements, which is difficult to achieve without sacrificing quality.

AT-Machining has developed an integrated customer order management system that allows sales staff to be informed of delivery times at every stage and to utilize the system to manage the customer’s project. This allows us to keep our delivery times strictly within the customer’s expectations without sacrificing product quality.

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Medical Project cost control

High precision and compliance with stringent regulations can make CNC machined parts expensive. Balancing cost without compromising quality is a persistent challenge.

design optimization

Design Optimization

Streamline device designs for manufacturability, minimizing material usage and machine time, optimizing for cost and production efficiency.



Integrate automated processes to reduce manual labor, enhance consistency, and lower operational expenses over time.

material selection

Material Selection

Select materials balancing cost and compliance, avoiding unnecessary expense without compromising medical device quality and performance.

quality control

Quality Control

Maintain stringent quality control to minimize rework and scrap, ensuring high yield and reducing cost-per-unit.

Intellectual Property Protection

Security of intellectual property and technology is an aspect that cannot be ignored, thus, it involves sharing ideas and sensitive information with partners who highly value confidentiality agreements.

The industrial application of medical field, has it that, signing a non-disclosure agreement is a usual mean of shielding a client’s interest, and AT-machining will sign that agreement promising that they would not divulge the confidential aspects of the client’s product without the client’s permission.

When you seek our assistance in any of the matters that we deal with, you’ll find yourself walking in the right path.

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Medical Device Prototyping and Manufacturing with LEPU Medical is our area of expertise that draws our pride. Our technology center is now a part of the international cooperation of medical and biomedical organizations such as Yuwell Medical, Haier Biomedical, United Imaging Medical, and LEPU Medical. We aim to observe the highest performance and surpass our client’s expectations in addition to solving their issues through the use of exact designs and unsurpassable craftsmanship.

FAQs about Medical Industry Manufacturing

Typical materials include titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, and plastics like PEEK, which offer biocompatibility, sterility, and corrosion resistance essential for medical devices.

5-axis CNC machining allows complex shapes and intricate features to be created with high precision, reducing the need for multiple setups and improving efficiency.

CNC machined medical devices must meet stringent standards such as ISO 13485, FDA regulations, and any applicable CE Marking requirements, ensuring safety and quality.

CNC machining is cost-effective due to its precision, repeatability, and efficiency in producing parts, often reducing waste and speeding up production times compared to other methods.

Swiss CNC machining specializes in creating precision parts with diameters as small as 0.5mm, ideal for intricate medical components, with superior surface finishes and tighter tolerances thanks to its guide bushing and sliding headstock features.