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AT-Machining specializes in precision wire electrical discharge machining, serving customers who require complex, high-tolerance parts.

Our expertise in wire EDM enables us to efficiently machine delicate geometries, holes, and finishes in hard or exotic alloys that are difficult with conventional methods.

With over 15 years focused on advancing wire EDM, we routinely hold extremely tight tolerances down to +/-0.001″.

AT-Machining leverages the latest wire EDM technology to deliver quality small-scale prototypes or high-volume production runs tailored to your application’s material and tolerance needs.

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What is Wire EDM Machining

Wire electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a specialized manufacturing process using an electrically charged thin wire to cut and shape conductive materials precisely.

The wire follows a programmed path through the workpiece, creating a narrow kerf while eroding material in a controlled manner with electrical sparks.

Wire EDM allows intricate profiles or cavities to be produced in hard metals without force or contact, making it ideal for delicate, complex, high-precision components with tight tolerances. Parts requiring small holes, precise edges, or difficult geometries benefit from wire EDM’s specialized non-contact cutting abilities.

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Types of EDM Machining

Wire EDM (Wire EDM Cutting)

Wire EDM operates using a continuously fed, thin wire electrode that slices through hardened metals to craft contours or cavities. The process is largely computer-controlled, ensuring precision and accuracy in intricate shapes.

The wire, commonly made of brass or stratified copper, discharges electrical sparks to the workpiece, eroding the unwanted material. The dielectric fluid, typically deionized water, cools and flushes away debris during the process.

Due to its ability to produce fine detailed cuts with tight tolerances, it’s especially popular for manufacturing dies, punches, and tools, as well as for parts requiring complex shapes or delicate geometries without inducing mechanical stresses.

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Sink EDM (Ram/Die Sinker EDM)

Sink EDM, often used for mold-making or tool and die industries, involves an electrode which is carefully machined to mirror the desired shape on the workpiece. This electrode, often made of graphite or copper, descends into the workpiece, discharging electrical sparks across the gap.

Both the electrode and the workpiece are submerged in dielectric fluid, usually oil or deionized water, which helps control the sparking process. Material is eroded from the workpiece to form the desired shape.

Advanced control systems maintain consistent sparking and provide excellent surface finishes, making it ideal for producing complex cavities, sharp corners, and detailed geometries.

sink edm ramdie sinker edm

Hole-Drilling EDM

Hole-Drilling EDM is engineered to create deep, precise, and small-diameter holes. The process employs a tubular electrode that rotates and discharges electrical sparks to the workpiece.

High-pressure dielectric fluid, typically oil, is injected through the electrode to flush out eroded material, ensuring clean and accurate hole production. The depth-to-diameter ratio can be quite high, allowing for extremely deep holes relative to their diameter.

This technique is invaluable for producing starter holes for Wire EDM operations or crafting cooling holes in components like gas turbine blades in aerospace applications. The precision and repeatability of this process are commendable, especially for challenging materials and critical applications.

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Advantages of Wire EDM Machining

Wire EDM offers high precision, stress-free machining for hardened materials, creating complex shapes with superior finishes and minimal tool wear.

High Precision and Accuracy

Wire EDM offers exceptionally tight tolerances, often within +/- 0.0001 inches. This makes it ideal for creating intricate parts, complex shapes, and detailed geometries that might be challenging or impossible with conventional machining methods.

No Mechanical Stresses

Since Wire EDM is a non-contact machining process, there's no direct mechanical force applied to the workpiece. This ensures that delicate parts aren't deformed or subjected to stresses during machining.

Ability to Cut Hardened Materials

Wire EDM can effortlessly machine tough, hardened metals, including those that have already undergone heat treatment. This capability eliminates the need for post-machining heat treatments in many cases.

Complex and Thin Shapes

Wire EDM is perfect for producing complex profiles and intricate designs. It's especially adept at crafting narrow slots, fine holes, and thin-walled sections that might be problematic for other machining methods.

Superior Surface Finish

The process provides excellent surface finishes, reducing or sometimes eliminating the need for secondary finishing processes. The absence of burrs and the smooth finish achieved are often superior to many other machining techniques.


Minimal Tool Wear

Since the wire never directly contacts the workpiece and the cutting is achieved through controlled electrical discharges, there's minimal wear on the wire. This means consistent accuracy across long production runs.

Transform Your Ideas into High-Quality Components with Our Wire EDM Machining Services

Wire EDM Machining Compatible Materials

No matter whether plastic or metal, at AT Machining, You Can Choose Freely For Your Unique Request.

aluminum 5083 h111 conversion coating
medical stainless steel
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Stainless Steel
brass valve stems
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Wire EDM Machining Application

Exploring Diverse Industries and Use Cases for Swiss CNC Machining

aerospace components

Aerospace Components

Manufacturing critical aerospace parts such as turbine blades, engine components, and landing gear parts with tight tolerances and complex shapes.

medical devices

Medical Devices

Creating intricate components for medical devices, such as surgical instruments, implants, and orthopedic devices that require high precision and biocompatibility.


Automotive Industry

Producing precision components like fuel injection systems, engine parts, and transmission components, ensuring efficiency and reliability in automotive operations.

gears and splines

Gears and Splines

Machining precise gears and splines for various machinery and equipment, ensuring smooth power transmission and operational efficiency.

tool and die making

Tool and Die Making

Crafting precise molds, dies, and tooling required for mass production in various industries, ensuring consistency and quality in manufactured products.



Developing prototypes of new products or components, allowing for design verification and testing before full-scale production.

Why Choose Us For Wire EDM Machining Services

cost effective manufacturing

Reduce Cost

AT-Machining Wire EDM Machining services significantly cut expenses, delivering high-quality results at a fraction of conventional machining costs, ensuring your projects remain within budget without compromising on quality.

high precision tolerances

High Precision Tolerances

Offering tolerances range from +/-0.001′′ to 0.005′′, depending on client specifications. We are experts in producing custom components.

rapid production & delivery

Fast and Reliably Delivery

Efficiency is key at our facility. With state-of-the-art equipment and a dedicated team, we ensure rapid project completion, meeting tight deadlines while maintaining exceptional quality standards.

7 24 support 500

24/7 Engineering Support

Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond regular working hours. Our expert engineers are available around the clock, providing continuous support to address any queries or modifications needed for your projects.

Wire EDM Machining Services FAQ

Wire EDM can cut any electrically conductive material, including hardened steel, titanium, nickel alloys, and carbide.

The tolerance of wire EDM is usually around ±0.001 inches (+/- 0.025 mm), with even higher accuracy possible for skilled operators.

Wire EDM has no size restrictions, as long as the part can fit submerged in the work tank. Micro-wires enable cutting of parts with fine details.

The surface will be uniform but slightly rough. Finish is typically around 12-25 microinches Ra, suitable for many applications without extra polishing.

AT-Machining use reliable wire threading systems, optimized cut settings, and preventative maintenance to maximize wire life and minimize untimely breakage during machining.

We thoroughly inspect all critical dimensions and compare to your specifications using advanced measurement equipment like CMMs and optical comparators. Statistical process control ensures consistent quality.

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