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C14500 Tellurium Copper boasts high conductivity, machinability, and corrosion resistance, making it ideal for electrical and thermal applications.

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tellurium copper cnc machining

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CNC turning with live tools combines lathe and milling capabilities to machine parts with cylindrical features.

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Add multiple finishes to your parts, such as Anodizing, Sand Blast, Powder Coat, Plating, etc. 

the Properties of Tellurium Copper

Tellurium Copper, Grade number as C14500, is notable for possessing a unique combination of properties that make it particularly well-suited for certain applications, especially when it comes to machining and conductivity. Here is a list of its key properties


Tellurium Copper, or C14500, offers top-tier machinability with minimal tool wear, streamlining manufacturing processes and reducing your costs.

High Electrical Conductivity

C14500 ensures efficient power distribution and signal transmission, making it indispensable in electrical connectors and current-carrying components.

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Good Thermal Conductivity

With excellent heat conduction properties, Tellurium Copper is ideal for thermal applications like heat exchangers and cooling systems.

Corrosion Resistant

This alloy stands up to corrosive environments, prolonging the longevity of components in marine and chemical processing applications.

Non-Magnetic Nature

Being non-magnetic allows its use in electronic systems and precision equipment where magnetic interference must be avoided.

Increased Strength

Provides moderate to high strength, making it suitable for heavy-load applications while maintaining ease of machinability.

mechanical property of Tellurium Copper Alloy

China’s standard grade of  QTe0.5, equivalent to C14500, contains around 0.5% tellurium for superb machinability, alongside conductivity properties suited for advanced electrical and thermal applications.

Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.5% extension under load) Elongation Hardness (Rockwell B scale) Electrical Conductivity Thermal Conductivity
C14500 379-482 MPa 310-400 MPa 20% minimum in 50 mm 60-75 45-60% IACS 201-234 W/(m·K)

application areas of C14500 Alloy in various industries

C14500, or Tellurium Copper, is known for its high conductivity, machinability, and strength. Because of these properties, it finds application across a vast range of industries:

electrical industry

Electrical Industry

Used in the manufacturing of current-carrying electrical components such as connectors, contact springs, terminals, electrical switches, and circuit breaker parts due to its high conductivity.

aerospace industry

Aerospace Industry

Essential for making reliable electrical contacts and connectors, capitalizing on its ability to conduct electricity and manage heat.

automotive industry

Automotive Industry

Forms electrical connectors and sensors, ensuring efficient power distribution and signal transmission in vehicular electrical systems.

manufacturing equipment

Manufacturing Equipment

Utilized in welding apparatus and soldering tips, prized for thermal conductivity and material resilience under high temperatures.

tooling and machinery

Tooling and Machinery

Applied in precision-machined gears and machine parts, where accurate tolerances and strength are critical requirements.

marine industry

Marine Industry

In maritime instruments and communication devices, it offers durability against corrosion while maintaining electrical integrity.


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Design Considerations for Tellurium Copper CNC Parts

Machining Tolerances:

  • Precision: While Tellurium Copper can be machined to high precision, ensure tolerances reflect the necessity of function, as tighter tolerances can increase cost.
  • Thermal Expansion: Copper alloys expand and contract more than steel during temperature fluctuations, so accommodate for this in your design if the part will experience varying temperatures.


Part Geometry:

  • Internal Corners: Design with radii to avoid sharp internal corners, which can be difficult to machine and may lead to stress concentrations.
  • Thin Walls: Balance the need for thin walls with the material’s ability to maintain structural integrity during and after machining.
  • Deep Cavities: Avoid deep cavities if possible, as they can be challenging to machine and may require special tooling.
tellurium copper cnc parts

Why Choose AT for Custom CNC Machining?

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As an ISO 9001:2015 certificated manufacturing company, we offer SGS, RoHS, material certifications, and inspection report for our customers.

On-demand Production

Our CNC milling services will support you from 1 pcs to 10k+ pcs, no matter prototype, low volume manufacture, or mass production.

High Precision Tolerances

Offering tolerances range from +/-0.001′′ to 0.005′′, depending on client specifications. We are experts in producing custom components.

Material Selection

Choose from 50+ engineering-grade plastics and metals, including ABS, polycarbonate, nylon, PEEK, aluminum, stainless steel, platinum, and copper for diverse part applications and industries.

Fast and Reliably Delivery

Experience dependable and punctual delivery of your products from our CNC facility strategically located in Shenzhen, China, near major shipping ports for seamless transportation and peace of mind.

CNC Machining Tellurium Copper FAQs

What is Tellurium Copper and what are its properties?

Tellurium copper is a type of copper alloy that contains a small amount of tellurium, typically around 0.3-0.6%. This addition of tellurium provides several beneficial properties, including:
Improved machinability
Increased strength and hardness
Enhanced electrical and thermal conductivity
Improved wear and corrosion resistance

What are some common applications of CNC Machined Tellurium Copper parts?

Tellurium copper is commonly used for parts and components that require excellent machinability, strength, and electrical/thermal conductivity, such as:
Electrical connectors and terminals
Heat sinks and heat exchangers
Automotive and aerospace components
Mechanical and electrical switch parts
Semiconductor manufacturing equipment

What are the key advantages of CNC machining tellurium copper?

he key advantages of CNC machining tellurium copper include:
Improved surface finish and tighter tolerances compared to traditional copper machining
Faster machining speeds and feed rates due to the enhanced machinability
Reduced tool wear and longer tool life when machining tellurium copper
Ability to produce complex geometries and intricate features
High repeatability and consistency of parts

How does the cost of CNC machined tellurium copper parts compare to other copper alloys?

Tellurium copper is typically more expensive than pure copper or other common copper alloys. This is due to the addition of the tellurium, which increases the material cost. However, the improved machinability and tool life of tellurium copper can help offset the higher material costs, especially for parts that require complex CNC machining.

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