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From Guns to Warships: Applications of CNC Machining in the Defense Industry

Discover how CNC machining is utilized in the defense industry to create precise and reliable components for everything from guns to warships.

This article highlights the various applications of CNC machining in the defense industry. It explains how it helps to create critical components for military equipment that meet strict tolerances and standards.

Learn how CNC produces firearm components, aircraft and spacecraft parts, radar and electronic systems, and warship components. Gain insight into the benefits of CNC technology in producing military equipment and how it contributes to the safety and success of military operations.

Weapon systems

The most common weapon system, including guns, missiles, and bombs, require tight tolerances.

The AK47 assault rifle is a widely known and popular firearm in the world of military and defense. CNC machine plays a significant role in the production of AK47s, especially in the manufacturing of critical components.

ak 47 components
AK-47 Components

CNC machining plays a critical role in the manufacturing of AK47s, enabling precision and repeatability for crucial components like receivers, bolt carrier groups, trigger assemblies, and barrels.

ak47 barrel
AK-47 Barrel

Without tight tolerances to hold them all together securely – not only is performance affected but safety as well! Through this process of uncompromised accuracy, we can trust that each part meets exact specifications, so quality standards are consistently met, with reliability guaranteed for every firearm produced.

Aircraft and spacecraft components

Aircraft and spacecraft are very important parts of the defense industry.

Mi-8 is a versatile Russian military helicopter widely used in various roles such as transport, search and rescue, and combat support. 

helicopter blade
Helicopter Blade

Some of the components that require high accuracy and are typically processed by CNC include the rotor blades, gearbox, and engine parts. CNC technology can achieve precise tolerances, complex geometries, and consistent quality in producing these critical components. 

These precise components are essential for ensuring the reliable performance and safety of the Mi-8 helicopter, which is vital for military operations. Therefore, CNC machining plays a crucial role in the production of military helicopters like the Mi-8.

Radar and electronic systems

Radar plays a crucial role in military defense by detecting and tracking aircraft and missiles.


Sophisticated electronic systems used in modern warfare require extreme precision to function correctly. CNC technology produces components such as waveguides, microwave antennas, and circuit boards that meet exacting standards – allowing for the efficient production of military radar and electronics with minimal human error. Quickly adapting these robust solutions allows the world’s militaries to stay one step ahead on the ever-changing battlefields of today.

radar microwave antennas
Radar Microwave Antennas

Vehicles and armored vehicles

Armored vehicles are now designed to be important tools of defense and offense

tank turret ring
Tank Turret Ring

The Leclerc Main Battle Tank, currently in service with the French Army, heavily relies on CNC machining for the production of its components. Many of the critical components of the tank require tight tolerances, including the engine components, turret ring, gun mantlet, and gun cradle. CNC is used extensively in the production of these components to ensure that they meet the required specifications for fit and function. 

warship components

Many critical components of modern warships, including propulsion systems, communication systems, and weapon systems, require the use of CNC machines. CNC machines can process a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, and composites, allowing for the production of complex and customized components. 

warship shafts
Warship Shafts

In addition, CNC machines have many types of finishing to improve the durability and resistance of components to harsh maritime environments. Some examples of warship components that require CNC machining include propellers, shafts, turbines, radar arrays, and missile launchers.


At AT-Machining, we are a leading CNC machining service supplier based in China with a wide range of machining capabilities and services. We provide a full range of machining services and solutions for the defense industry, with our cutting-edge CNC machines producing components to unmatched levels of precision.

at machinig cnc service 1
AT-Machining CNC Service

From guns to warships, we utilize the highest quality materials, such as metal, plastic, and ceramic, in order to meet clients’ rigorous requirements. Our technicians also offer extensive finishing options, including nitriding, plating, anodizing, and so on, ensuring every part is delivered at peak performance that will stand up against even the toughest battlefields! With these capabilities combined under one roof – there’s no limit when it comes to achieving perfection tailored specifically for defense applications.

Our experience in the defense industry has given us a deep understanding of the specific needs and challenges faced by our customers. We have worked with many clients around the world, delivering high-quality CNC machining services for various defense applications.

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