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Custom Machining: What is It and Why Do You Need It for Your Business?

The global machining market is now worth so much, with conventional machining holding 30% and precision machining taking the remaining 70%. Custom machining is the order of the day, making it more straightforward to order customized components from machine shops.

If you’re not implementing custom machining for your business yet, you could be giving your competitors a significant advantage over you. But what is custom machining, and why is it so important for your business? 

In this article, we will cover all the different aspects of custom machining, including its incredible benefits for your business performance.

What is Custom Machining?

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Custom machining entails every different form of CNC machining. It refers to ordering CNC machining services to meet specific requirements for various parts. This means that the purpose for choosing custom machining is to create components that meet your business goals and do not exist elsewhere.

So, custom machining is the best option if you have a completely new idea or invention or need your parts in nonstandard sizes. With this process, setup times are very short so that quality components can be made very fast from 3D CAD models. It also rarely involves minimum order quantity.

Types of Custom Machining Services

Custom machining involves several manufacturing techniques, ranging from 5-axis CNC machining to metal forming. The best machining services use machines that turn, mill, drill, or last cut these techniques.

CNC Milling

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Milling uses a rotating device to remove and cut chips from the workpiece through physical contact. 

Milling technology finds use in various purposes like chamfering, slotting, and threading. It allows for the fabrication of intricate and complex designs. The accuracy of CNC milling is matchless with tolerances of +/-0.01mm.

There are different sub-types under CNC machining services, such as gear milling, surface milling, and form milling. The various milling processes can be used on metals like aluminum, plastic, and steel.

CNC Turning or Lathing

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CNC turning or lathing is used for the fabrication of a cylindrical path like bushing or shaft.  The performance of the CNC equipment helps it to controls the cutting tool to and fro and axially along the side while the metal part spins.

The material around the metal is removed, thereby producing the desired shape and diameter. Turning can be done with a fixed or sliding head CNC machine. The latter is used in reducing the final production time and price.

CNC Multi-Spindle Machine

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CNC multi-spindle machine has a lot of spindles placed in a drum. This drum changes its position, rotates horizontally, and finishes many operations simultaneously without multiple spindles.

This divides the work; one operation would have to be carried out after the other to complete the product of choice.

With every drum rotation, a part of the fabrication is completed. Multi-spindle makes CNC machining more efficient and cost-effective than multiple equipment.

CNC Laser Cutting

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This manufacturing technique involves the use of laser beams to melt, vaporize, or remove the material. CNC laser cutting often employs optics, a guidance system, and an assist gas to direct the laser beam onto the workpiece.

After electrically exciting the laser, the beam reflects and amplifies with a partial mirror. Once there is enough energy, the laser beam is focused on the workpiece.

CNC laser cutting is faster, it involves lesser waste, and it is ideal for an extensive range of materials for quality production.

CNC Drilling

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CNC drilling produces cylindrical holes in a workpiece using multi-point drill bits. Perpendicular and angular hole drilling can be achieved using this method. Perpendicular drilling means inserting the rotatory drill in the workpiece with the aid of a CNC machine.

Angular drilling could be complicated; it uses clamping devices and specialized machine configurations. A few operations performed with CNC drilling are reaming, countersinking, and tapping.

Electric Discharge Machining (EDM)

These are non-mechanical forms of material remover that uses erosive chemical or parts.

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Electric discharge machining uses spark transmitted through a dielectric fluid from an electrode to a surface of a conductive workpiece. This method can machine fine features, including di cavities, diameter holes, etc. 

The discharge rate is generally not determined by hardness but by the conductivity of the metal, thermal energy.

Some manufacturers and engineers use sinking, wire erosion, spark eroding to describe electrical discharge machining [EDM]. EDM process does not use mechanical force.

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Why Do You Need Custom Machining for Your Business?

Whether it is plastic machining or metal machining of aluminum, steel, brass, etc., custom machining has all the capabilities and benefits of on-demand machining and more. Different industries such as aerospace, automotive, consumer electronics, defence, and others benefits from piece parts from custom machining. Some of its benefits include:

High Precision and High-Quality Custom Machined Parts

Custom machining enables the seamless production of complex applications. CNC production offers you incredibly high precision, even with unique features and tight tolerances.

CNC machines also consistently and continuously produce similar parts until you get the last piece of your order. 

Increased Productivity and Efficiency

CNC machines can now carry out takes throughout the day without slowing down. They use computer programs and instructions to perform, eliminating the possibilities of human error.

At the same time, they also guarantee consistent results from the production.

Timely Production

CNC machining is a subtractive process. It involves removing parts of the role metals to achieve the desired product. The computer control in CNC machines ensures speed maintenance at set limits.

This way, it is almost impossible to encounter errors. Moreover, provided there are experts engineers, you can be sure of faster completion of projects. This translates to faster time delivery.

Affordability and Higher Profits

Since custom machining involves products’ unique design, you will not have to spend more than you should.

At the same time, you tend to get high-quality products. All of this translates to higher profits in the long run.

When Do You Need A Custom Machining Company?

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Custom machining often comes in handy whenever you need to do one or more of the following:

Fabricate New Parts with Special Requirements 

Custom machining will help you with projects requiring additional parts, human resources, and supplies to complete.

If you need to create unique “made-to-order” parts that are not on the manufacturer’s catalog, you can be sure of improved and smooth running with quality custom Machining services. 

Replace Obsolete or Discontinued Parts

Manufacturers can use this process to modify existing parts that may be obsolete into ones that fit your purpose.

Custom Machining can reverse engineering works to recreate custom machined parts that you may not find elsewhere.

Work with Difficult Materials

Specialized CNC equipment includes machinery and parts that can carry out complex processes. If you need to use tough metals like titanium alloy, stainless steel, Steel etc., custom machining gives you the expected results. 

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Other reasons for choosing custom machining include:

  • Low volume production 
  • The need to combine multiple elements into one part
  • Emergency parts development

Why You Should Choose Us As Your Custom Machining Company

Here are the benefits of choosing AT Machining for your quality applications:

Guaranteed Quality

Our company is ISO certified, and we boast of experienced and professional engineers to ensure quality services. The raw materials we use for our CNC machining services are of the highest quality, translating to quality end products.

Instant Quoting 

As soon as you upload your 2D or 3D CAD files on our platform, we will analyze the file and list the pricing within a few hours. This quick quote speeds up the manufacturing process for faster time delivery.

Material Certification 

AT Machining is a rights reserved powered company that ensures excellence. We give customers traceable information on the features of every material we use for your machined parts through adequate certification. Quality is our watchword! 

Dimensional Report

Custom machined parts should come in the right measurements. We ensure this and also provide details of the dimensions of your products. This way, our customers can be sure of the right custom machined parts for specific applications.


Custom machining is taking over the rapid prototyping industry, giving you several benefits throughout product development. Its applications are prevalent in aerospace, automotive, medical, consumer electronics, and many other industries to create quality custom machined parts.

At AT Machining, our specialty helps us to provide quality parts for customer satisfaction. Our professionals also specialize in low-volume manufacturing, with great supplier relationship that improves our performance. Don’t hesitate to contact us at AT Machining for your quality manufacturing services.

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