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Torlon CNC Machining: Unleashing the Potential of Advanced Plastics

Welcome, readers, to the captivating world of advanced plastics, where materials like Torlon are revolutionizing the CNC machining industry.

In this blog post, we're diving into Torlon - a standout among advanced engineering plastics. We'll uncover why Torlon holds a prestigious position in this category and how its unique properties are revolutionizing the CNC process, enabling the production of superior components that outperform those made from traditional materials.

Understanding Torlon

Torlon, scientifically known as polyamide-imide (PAI), is a high-performance thermoplastic celebrated for its exceptional strength, stability, and resistance to hostile environments. These characteristics distinguish it as an advanced plastic, a material category that exhibits high-performance traits in demanding applications.

What are the key properties of Torlon?

pai torlon parts
PAI-Torlon Parts

High Mechanical Strength

Torlon is known for its high strength and stiffness and maintains these properties even at elevated temperatures. This strength-to-weight ratio surpasses many metals, making it a preferred choice for many industrial applications.

Excellent Linear Thermal Expansion

Torlon’s ability to withstand high temperatures while maintaining its structural integrity is exceptional and its heat resistance is comparable to some advanced composites. Due to its low linear thermal expansion, Torlon doesn’t swell or shrink considerably with temperature changes, underscoring its robustness in hot environments.

Chemical Resistance

Torlon is resistant to many chemicals, including strong acids and most organics. This makes it suitable for use in harsh environments where other materials would fail.

Dimensional Stability

Torlon has excellent dimensional stability and a low coefficient of linear thermal expansion, meaning it does not significantly change its size or shape with temperature changes. This is a crucial property for precision parts.

High Creep Resistance

With its high creep resistance, Torlon maintains its form under a continuous load, demonstrating a strong resilience to deformation even under constant stress. This exceptional creep resistance sustains even at high temperatures, further establishing Torlon’s durability.

Wear and Friction Resistance

Torlon, especially in its wear-resistant grade, demonstrates remarkable durability in the face of wear and tear, making it particularly advantageous in applications involving moving parts. Coupled with its low friction characteristics, Torlon delivers enhanced performance in dynamic applications.

Electrical Insulation

Torlon is a good electrical insulator, maintaining this property even at high frequencies and temperatures.

Radiation Resistance

Torlon has resistance to gamma and X-ray radiation, making it suitable for medical and aerospace applications.


Torlon is readily machinable into precise and complex parts using standard metalworking equipment, making it a preferred choice for CNC machining.

The Power of Torlon in CNC Machining

torlon cnc turning
Torlon CNC Turning Parts

How Torlon is Used in CNC Machining

When the precision of CNC turning and the efficiency of CNC milling are applied to a versatile material like Torlon, the results are extraordinary. Owing to its superb machinability, Torlon can be intricately shaped with unrivaled accuracy. Torlon impressively resists warping, melting, or deformation, firmly holding its form under the high-speed turning or milling process.

But the real magic of Torlon machining lies in the durability of the parts it produces. Components made from Torlon stand up to wear and tear, providing a long-lasting solution in applications where dependability is key. This is not only a win for the quality of the end product but also cost-effective, as parts made from Torlon tend to require less frequent replacement.

Benefits and Advantages of Torlon CNC Machining over other materials

torlon cnc parts

The following chart compares the performance of unfilled or natural grade of torlon with other materials:

MaterialTensile Strength (MPa)Max Operating Temp (°C)Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (x10^-6/K)
Torlon (PAI)170-19326030-55
Steel (low carbon)370-5001,48012.0
ABS Plastic19-418073-117

Applications of Torlon CNC Machining

Torlon’s benefits are being recognized across multiple industries. Torlon’s remarkable properties make it ideal for various applications across numerous industries. Let’s look at how some of these sectors utilize Torlon through CNC machining:

torlon milled parts
Torlon Milled Parts

1. Aerospace Industry: The aerospace industry relies on materials that can withstand extreme conditions. Torlon fits the bill thanks to its high-temperature resistance and strength. CNC-machined Torlon parts like seals, bearings, fasteners, and insulation parts are common in this industry. For example, bushings made of Torlon are used in aircraft landing gear due to their high load-bearing capability and resistance to wear and high temperatures.

2. Automotive Industry: The strength and lightweight nature of Torlon make it an excellent choice for automotive parts. Torlon often produces high-performance pistons, seals, and bushings that improve fuel efficiency and reduce maintenance needs. A specific example would be its use in manufacturing transmission thrust washers, which benefit from Torlon’s durability and wear resistance.

3. Electronics Industry: Torlon’s excellent electrical insulation properties make it suitable for components in the electronics industry. Connectors, sockets, and insulators can be CNC-machined from Torlon for use in various electronic devices. For instance, it’s often used in manufacturing LED lighting mounts due to its heat resistance and electrical insulation.

4. Medical Industry: Torlon’s resistance to gamma and X-ray radiation and its sterilization ability make it valuable in the medical field. Surgical instruments, analytical equipment, and implantable devices often contain CNC-machined Torlon components. A specific example would be its use in crafting surgical tool handles that need to be durable, sterilizable, and comfortable to hold.

5. Oil and Gas Industry: In the harsh conditions of the oil and gas industry, Torlon’s chemical resistance and strength shine. It’s used for seals, backup rings, valve components, and more. A good example is its use in forming downhole drilling components, where the parts must endure high pressures and corrosive environments.

6. Semiconductor Industry: Torlon’s low outgassing properties at high temperatures make it a suitable choice for fixtures, sockets, and test equipment in the semiconductor industry. For example, wafer handling components are often made from Torlon due to their thermal stability and precision machinability.


In conclusion, the distinct blend of high strength, heat resistance, and dimensional stability of Torlon sets it in a class of its own. Leveraging our technical and manufacturing expertise, AT-Machining harnesses these remarkable qualities through precise CNC turning and milling to deliver superior components. We invite you to consider Torlon for your next project and explore its significant benefits with us. We stand ready to transform this High-Performance Plastics into reality for your needs.

torlon cnc machining services
Torlon CNC Machining Services

Contact us to discover how we can leverage the power of Torlon CNC machining for your manufacturing needs. With AT-Machining, you get more than a service provider. You gain a partner in quality and service.

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