Selecting the Ideal Plastic Manufacturing Process for Your Plastic Parts

cnc machining plastic manufacturing

Plastic materials are valuable manufacturing materials with a host of unique properties. Irrespective of the application, plastic parts manufacturing is often cost- and time-efficient due to the wide range of physical properties of plastics.

However, it is crucial to understand the different plastic manufacturing processes to select the ideal manufacturing process for your project requirements regardless of the part’s end-use.

This guide discusses the different types of plastic product manufacturing processes. Read on to the end to learn about helpful tips for successful plastic parts manufacturing. Let’s dive in!

Vacuum Casting: Process, Pros & Cons, and Applications

vacuum casting

Vacuum casting is an adaptable manufacturing process that product designers use to produce high-quality prototypes and end-use products in small quantities. Its comparatively lower production costs and fine details make it a resourceful tool for rapid prototype projects and marketing purposes.

However, it would help to understand how polyurethane/vacuum casting works to achieve the best results.

This article explains the vacuum casting process, how it works, and its advantages and limitations. You will also learn about the applications of cast parts and vacuum casting technical specifications by reading to the end. Let’s get to it!